Jenny Davis


Certified RCT Energy Practitioner
Certified Master of Crystology
Certified DreamWalker Birth Adoula
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Healer and Mystic
Spiritual Healer & New Energy Facilitator 
Jenny Davis began her healing career in 2003 under the guidance and mentoring of Cassandra Campbell, PhD, Energy Psychologist. Jenny’s lifelong dedication to spiritual awareness and self discovery provides the foundation for her work.
Energy healing is her passion; she has incorporated many techniques of healing into the unique expression of her gift. This healing process uses a combination including, but not limited to, breathwork, crystology, guided imagery, healing affirmations and forgiveness statements, meditation, Reiki, sacred geometry, esoteric and shamanic healing principles. It is an intuitive process that allows for healing to occur at the highest level, directed by the soul of the client in that now moment.
As an Ordained Christian Healer and Mystic, Jenny remains in gratitude for her fundamental Christian upbringing, but chooses an ever greater world view and awareness that allows her to work within dimensions unseen for the health and healing of those who come to receive her gifts. Jenny has the ability to be able to work successfully with persons of any creed, religion, or belief system (from atheist to orthodox). Each client sets the tone for the work, so each person’s belief system is honored.
As an Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, and New Energy Facilitator, Jenny creates a space for alignment and recalibration of the body, heart, and soul for socially conscious individuals and organizations. This is done through individual and group sessions, workshops, and teleconferences to provide the context necessary for clients to let go of deeply implanted negative beliefs, recognize their creative power, and use it to its full potential.
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